Monday, 27 August 2012

Our homeless daughter..........

As its the school holidays we've come to stay at my parents, and are using them as a base for day trips in to London with the kids.

Now we've seen quite a lot over the last few days. Mostly all your usual tourist spots and although hubby and I have seen and done most of it before its been nice doing them again and seeing the kids reactions for the first time.

Now, my kids are 6yr old and have never encountered a homeless person before, and London as you can imagine has a fair few homeless people. On seeing one of these said people Holly turned round and asked "What is he doing?" we explained that he's homeless and he has his hat out and is asking people for money. She surprisingly accepted this with no more questions asked.

Later that day we are stood at the train station waiting to go home. It was quite busy to say the least. I was carrying the bag with EVERYTHING in it. Holly turned and asked if she could have her hat. I obliged. She then sat down crossed legged on the station floor, and as loud as she could asked "IF I PUT MY HAT OUT WILL PEOPLE GIVE ME MONEY?". Hubby and I looked at each other and in unison said "No! Get up off the floor and put your hat on your head!" A few people turned, looked and smiled, and the man next to us burst out laughing, put his hand in his pocket and pulled out a one pound coin and threw it in her hat! She was very pleased with herself! We thanked the man who then got on his train never to be seen again. Holly, having her shiny coin and seeming very pleased with herself threw her hat back at me and put the coin in her pocket.................................our train pulled up and another day was done!
( We of course told her she wasn't having her hat again unless it was to go on her head!)

Holly and her hat!

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  1. That's granddad's girl and if you had any sense you could have goy Charlie down there with his hat too and they could have made enough to pay for the day!