Friday, 27 September 2013

This year so far......

Well Hello there!

It appears I haven't blogged since December. Not on purpose really, but because so much has happened I haven't really had time. In my last blog I had booked a gym instructor course and couldn't wait for it to get started. Well, I can't believe how quickly the time has flown because I am now a qualified gym instructor. Hooray for me!! 

I completed all the home learning and passed all my coursework. Then it was time for the three day course. I was really nervous building up to the first day, but once I met everyone and realised it was other people like me on the course I was fine! So, once I found I'd passed, I thought it would be easy to find a job! Ha! How stupid was I!!!! (Don't answer that please, I know the answer)

I enquired with most gyms locally. Some had nothing no positions at the moment, some never responded and I got an interview at one. It was a ladies only gym....perfect I thought.....not so much it turned out. I rocked up for my interview and spoke to the lady on reception who took my name and said "someone will be with you shortly, take a seat" I waited patiently for about 10mins. The lady I originally spoke to kept making eye contact with me and smiling but not saying anything, just kept tapping away on her computer. Then she grabbed her coat and said she'd be about 5 mins and be right with me. Now I'm thinking, are you who I'm seeing for my interview? As she never introduced herself or made it clear that she would be interviewing me, just that someone would be with me. It was all a bit weird to be honest. So 5mins later she comes back, takes her coat off, NOW introduces herself and we crack on with the interview! I never got the job. But to be honest, I'm glad! How hard would it have been to say when I came in,"Hi Marie, I'm (insert any name here), I'm running a bit late. I'll be about 15mins. Take a seat and ill be right with you". In the words of my Dad "Is it me!!"  For me, it's all about first impressions. If the first impression is not good we're already off on the wrong foot. I can't stand bad first impressions. About as much as I can't stand weak hand shakes. I hate it. Especially, if you shake a mans hand and its a pathetic, wet blanket of a shake. Grrrr! 

So anyways, I decided I wasn't going to apply for anymore and just carry on with my studies and keep going to the gym and taking part in as many classes as I could. Then one day, I see an advertisement for a part-time fitness consultant at a local leisure centre, that is going to re-open after a major refurb. So I apply, get an interview and lo-and-behold I only got the job. Hooray for me!!!! *does little claps*  

 I actually love my job and I actually never thought I would ever utter those words. There is no pressure and I don't have to rely on anyone else, but me, to be able to do my job correctly. It also doesn't feel like I'm going to work when I'm there. Which is a lovely feeling. 

So that's that. I will be finishing my PT coursed in December and have a few plans/ideas to get ready for the new year.

Not to end on a bad note. But although this has turned out to be a good year work wise. It has been a bad year personally as my Dad and Godfather both got diagnosed with Cancer. Dad with Cancer of the oesophagus, and Robert with lung Cancer. 
You can follow my Dads blog here. His blogs are fab but the last one he just wrote makes me cry so you have been warned! I am thinking of writing one about it all as well, but we shall see.................

                                          Holly & I running the Race for Life in June.