Saturday, 28 July 2012

Lifeguards or Whistle Blowers?

Took the kids to the local swimming pool today. Had a bit of a lay in so missed the family session and went to the general swim session.
It's not the best pool we've ever been too but it's local and cheap. There were a four bigger boys there, probably aged about 16yr old ish. Anyway these boys had no consideration for any one else in the pool. All they were doing were chasing each other and play fighting but quite aggressively.

Anyway the reason I'm writing this is because of the lifeguards. There were two of them on duty, who as far as I could tell could not speak! They only had the capacity to blow a whistle. Every time these boys would do something they shouldn't all these voiceless lifeguards would do is blow their stupid whistle at them!
Now, is this a deterrent? I seriously think not! Was it working? No! After the first few times of trying, surely it would have made sense to pull these lads aside and have a few words. The words being, behave or you're out! Simples!

But no! They carried on with the whistle blowing. I could see that the voiceless lifeguards were getting annoyed with them, but surely common sense would prevail. Well it didn't. As I have learnt over the years common sense is something very few people have! All in all we were there for about an hour and a half and the boys left not long after us! Typical!

Whilst we were there as well part of the pool was closed as there was a lifeguard training course going on. I do hope that these trainees can speak. It also makes me wonder if they get taught how to blow a whistle.........

Friday, 20 July 2012

It's been a while........

It's been a while since I last blogged. There's been no particular reason why I haven't blogged as to be honest a lot has happened that I could have blogged about.    I just haven't! So there!

 So since last time.............

 I ran my first 10k, yay! *does little very proud of myself claps* My aim was to run the whole way, no stopping or walking and I did it. I ran with Julia, a friend from my running group. We kinda run at a similar pace so we did together in 1hr 15mins ish!

 I've been running for about 10months now, and at the start if you would have told me I'd be running 5K & 10k events I would have belly laughed in your face. I feel great, have toned up and lost a bit of weight. So all in all it's been really good. I also love the buzz afterwards as well.

 As a family, we embarked on our first family holiday abroad. We travelled to Fuertaventura and spent a week in the SUN! Yes, there is still such a thing as the sun and it was wonderful! As soon as we got back I started looking for next years holiday. So I'm pleased to say I officially have the holiday bug again. Oh how I missed it!

Also,  I've also been considering a career change. I've been working in the restaurant industry since I was 16 and I 'like' my job, but don't love it at the moment. It's a big step and am looking in to it, so we'll see what happens......

The kids were invested in Beavers last month. They love it!
HOWEVER........... I love my children dearly, but if they don't earn any badges whilst at Beavers I will not be upset. I hate sewing!!! It took me a whole evening to sew on six badges.
 Much wine was drunk that evening......oh hang on maybe that was my problem! Anyhoo! I hate sewing!!!!    FACT!!!!!

The offending badges above. 

Since sewing the badges I have found out there is such a thing as fabric glue. So during these holidays, I will be hunting the shops for this product and will gladly pay many pounds for it if it gets me out of sewing!

Happy little Beavers with slightly askew badges.