Saturday, 15 October 2011

My Dilemma.......

Though I'd give this blogging malarkey a go as even my mother is doing it!!! Not sure what to talk about, can't really use it to moan about work which I would love to do.
I am having a bit of a dilemma at the moment however. I recently joined a Ladies running club on Wednesday nights at Stanwick Lakes. Its free, just a group of ladies all shapes, ages, sizes and abilities running together. Now I do actually have a treadmill which sits in my front room and takes up lots of space. But I do use it when i can. Its not used as my friend uses hers for, a coat rack!! Anywho, as it is now dark and there are no lights at Stanwick, we can no longer run there at night. So we will be running somewhere else. Also they want to run on saturdays. But both my hubby and I work so its gonna be difficult to make Saturdays.

Now, my kids swimming instructor wants to do an adult course doing swimming, aqua jogging and aqua circuits, also on a Wednesday night. Which I really want to attend. Ideally I would do the swimming on a Wednesday night and running on a Saturday. BUT, I have to flippin' work Saturday mornings. My Hubby has offered to change my shift (as he is in charge!), but that would mean him changing as well. So he would then have to do a close, finishing at 11.30pm and then an open on Sunday morning, starting at 6am. I said no as its not fair and I love him to much to make him do it. As much as I really want to do the above.
Sooooo what to do...................?

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  1. hey, welcome and well done. 1st blog and getting fit and healthy, go for shorter runs and take the twins with you. Down the hill to the chemists shop and back again should do it!

    Oh, I didn't mean the twins to run up and down the hill their legs are still to short, you need to carry them....