Sunday, 15 January 2012

My Week....again!

This is the second time I'm gonna try and write this! The first time I wrote it all out and before I could post it I got distracted by my kids and deleted it!!
So here we go......

It's not been a particularly eventful week. But it's been the first full week of normality since the kids went back to school. Peter and I even managed to have the same days off and spend some time together (whilst the kids were at school).

My Wednesday night running group restarted and I was dreading it. For no other reason than I'd majorly overstuffed during the crimbo period! But considering that, I felt really good and did better than I thought I might. I still ached on Thursday though! But it's a start. I've also said I will compete in two 5k runs in Feb. So more reason to put more effort in to my running!

That's about it really... Not much else to report.

Oh and we managed to sort out our garage at long bloody last AND de-mice it!! Yes we had mice in the garage, actually caught 5 altogether! But that's for another blog!!!


  1. I think you should get your mother running as well

  2. I wish she would!! You should get her out walking with you first. Then I'd gladly take her for a run! :-)